Who We Are

We are proud Army Veterans with a love for our fellow veterans, our community, and history. We love researching historical recipes from all over the world and giving them new life, sometimes with a modern twist. Occasionally, our Mad Scientist comes up with something that is totally off the wall. It was one of these off the wall creations that won him a 3rd place in home brewing in the 2017 Mazer Cup, the largest mead competition in the United States. Our passion is to make only the finest honey wine from local Louisiana honey and other locally sourced products. We do not believe in chemical additives or flavorings, only real fruits and spices. Every bottle is numbered with a batch number so you can see where the honey and other ingredients for your honey wine came from. We believe that our money should stay locally, so that is why we buy local and a portion of every sale goes to local Veterans Charities.