Honey Wine Selections

Bobby's Bochet

This historical bochet recipe dates from the 14th century France. The honey is carmelized prior to fermentation giving it notes of carmel, toffee, vanilla, and burnt marshmallow.

Light Of Valhalla

Our Light Of Valhalla variety is a traditional dry mead that has been oak aged giving it foral, fruit and vanilla notes.

Valkyrie's Flight

Valkryie's Flight variety is a semi sweet traditional mead with fruity and floral notes.

Louisiana Nectar

A traditional, dry, honey-wine with fruity and floral notes.

Oden's Love

A historical English spiced honey-wine from the 13th century with notes of lemon and spice that was researched and revived by out apprentice mazer and named for his wife.

Endless Summer

The notes of Lemon and Vanilla make this perfect for squeezing the last drops out of summer.

Blueberry Lemon Pie

The notes of Blueberry, lemon, vanilla and a graham cracker finish all rolled into one make this hard to beat.

Bayou Blues Berry

For thousands of years, honey has been fermented into wine. Our Bayou Blues Berry is a semi sweet, traditional recipe with fruity, earthy notes.

Lemon Zinger

A semi sweet wine with a blast of honey and lemon. A refreshing wine for a warm summer evening.